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The Camilla House is the ideal base for those who wish to explore the rich offerings of West Cornwall and further afield.

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Ethical Junction member 2010

Further Information

Use the following sections to discover more about what we do and how we run the Camilla House in Penzance.

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Ethical Approach

Not only is the Camilla House guest house in Penzance committed to environmental best-practice (these days which business isn't?), the approach to the way the business is run is based on sound ethical principles as well.

The Ethical Junction organisation has been a great assistance in putting into words what has been happening in the way the Camilla House is operated. Central to this is a business concept known as the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ (created by John Elkington). Put simply, this is the ‘simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity’.

To operate the Camilla House within a framework that is designed to meet the goals of such an ethical approach it is necessary to demonstrate the following principles -

  • Active care for the environment
  • Responsible, fair and sustainable trading practice
  • The avoidance of short term business practice that cause long term damage
  • Equitable, non-exploitative employment practices
  • Equality of opportunity and promotion of diversity
  • Socially responsible activities

So what does this mean really mean? For starters guests can enjoy locally sourced food with a provenance and Fairtrade & equivalent products as standard. Support and promotion of local environmental & wildlife initiatives and networking with like-minded businesses to provide visitors with a memorable stay, whether for business or leisure, are some of the aspects of a guest's stay at the Camilla House.


External Links

The following are external websites that provide much more information on environmental issues with which the Camilla House is involved: