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The Camilla House is the ideal base for those who wish to explore the rich offerings of West Cornwall and further afield.

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Green Tourism Business Award

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Green Tourism Business Award Scheme

As part of the ongoing commitment to running the Camilla House in an environmentally and sustainable fashion we have belonged to a number of organisations whose aims are to promote best practice within the business community (for 'green' and 'ethical' issues). We were the first accommodation provider in Penzance to join the Green Tourism Business Scheme (first inspection December 2006, second March 2009, third 2011) and are pleased to see a number of other accommodation providers copy our example and share our passion for trying to protect the environment we live in.

For 2013 we have decided to focus more on local Cornish organisations, particularly the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and as a result have decided not to renew our membership of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. This does not mean that we have adandoned any of the ideas or views developed and implemented over the years, in fact we will be progressing more of our best-practices at the Camilla House as well as providing an educational role for our guests who wish to learn more.

This will be done in a responsible way without promising a lot of 'hot air' or falling into the 'green-wash' trap by bleating on about the latest technologies and ideas that sound so wonderful but won't actually be delivered or implemented...


External Links

The following are external websites that provide much more information on environmental issues with which the Camilla House is involved: