Camilla House

Accommodation for The Discerning Traveller

Find out more about the Camilla House and what is on offer.

The Camilla House is the ideal base for those who wish to explore the rich offerings of West Cornwall and further afield.

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Flowers at the Camilla House

Further Information

Use the following sections to discover more about what we do and how we run the Camilla House in Penzance.

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Camilla House - you may like...

Having spent some time working out what you may not like about the Camilla House it is only fair to touch upon some things we think you will like...

We are a Guest House
Being small (we cater for a maximum of 14 guests) brings many advantages. I live at the Camilla House and as it is just myself you can be sure of a warm personal welcome and attentive service throughout your stay here - there is no 'anonymous disinterest' you many have experienced elsewhere.

More than just accommodation
Obviously accommodation is an important part of what we do but if you are looking for that little bit extra then check out our other service offerings and facilities.

I have a dog
My friendly dalmation Luca enjoys saying hello to guests but only if they choose to.

We care about our environment
We endeavour to operate the Camilla House in a way which minimises the impact on the local environment and supports local food producers and businesses. If you like the idea of this or are interested in finding out more then please follow the links on the right.

Come by public transport
More and more of our guests are coming by public transport to Penzance - it is the end of the railway line network and regular services from the north and London make the journey convenient. Once here it possible to explore West Cornwall by many means without having to use your car - which certainly in the summer is a real bonus.

Quite quiet
If you are looking for somewhere that is quiet, comfortable and relaxing but with the convenience of being in a small coastal town with easy access to the beautiful landscapes of West Cornwall then consider the Camilla House.